RVs & The Economy

Is Economic uncertainty or rising fuel prices giving you “cause to pause” when it comes to purchasing an RV for your family? Well, here are a couple of thoughts to ponder:

RV Vacations save you money and give you the biggest bang for the Buck!

That’s right, RV vacations are substantially less expensive than other vacations, even when factoring in ownership and fuel costs. Take a look at this study by international travel consultants PFK for more information.

Even in tough economic times…

Life goes on. We all still want to have fun filled vacations with our families. RV’s provide quality time together as a family in your home away from home and it can be used again and again to go places your family will remember and treasure all their lives.

RV Prices are going up!

Unfortunately its true, used RV prices are rising! With several RV manufacturers out of business or being reorganized, there have been very few RV’s built over the last several years causing previously owned RV’s to become more valuable.

If you have been sitting on the fence, going back and forth with the decision to purchase an RV, consider the points made above. Take the time to shop around and confirm what we have mentioned. No matter where you choose to buy, owning an RV is a wonderful investment for your family and the time has never been better!

Happy Trails!
Mike Golden

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Fuel Prices & Rvs

Your Pocket Needn’t Fear the Pump.

GAS PRICES – here’s a thought. If you put 3,600 Miles on your RV a year (and that is really using your RV) and get 9 mpg, you use 400 gallons of Fuel per year. If gas goes from $3 per gallon to $4, your fuel costs increase $400 a year. What a great investment for time together and memories with your Family!

Tips to Conserve Fuel:
  • Camp closer to home. With more than 16,000 campgrounds nationwide, RVers can enjoy the outdoor experience whether they travel five miles or 500 miles.
  • Stay longer in one place. Many RV parks are vacation destinations in their own right, offering pools, playgrounds, hiking trails, entertainment centers, organized activities, convenience stores and so much more.
  • Cook your family favorites in the convenience of an RV, to avoid the high costs of eating out.
  • Drive 55 instead of 65. Keeping speed constant and lower saves fuel, saving you money.
  • Pack lighter by not topping off fresh water tanks until at the campground and by purchasing firewood and other camping materials on-site to keep the RV lightweight while traveling. Be sure holding tanks are dumped before heading out to further lighten the load.
  • Tune up the engine of your motorhome or tow vehicle, inflate tires properly and conduct regular maintenance to maximize fuel efficiency.
  • Use the grade of fuel recommended by the engine manufacturer to increase miles per gallon.
  • In the summer months, travel earlier in the day when the weather is cooler and the vehicle air conditioning is needed less.
Some other facts to keep in mind:
  • Fuel is typically only the fourth largest expense on a road trip, behind lodging, food, vehicle payment and maintenance.
  • Airfares and hotel rates also rise when fuel costs increase and fuel surcharges are added. You can avoid those costs in an RV.
  • Fuel prices would need to more than triple from their current level to make RVing more expensive for a family of four than other forms of travel.

When it comes to miles per gallon, don’t let the size of an RV fool you; today’s models are getting better mileage and are more fuel efficient than ever.

Happy Trails!
Mike Golden

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